Gigi Fenster

A Good Winter

︎ Winner of the 2020 Michael Gifkins Prize ︎

    I looked after Lara. We both looked after Sophie and her baby. We had to. It’s not like Sophie was going to look after that baby herself. All she was interested in was weeping and wailing for her dead husband. She was so busy weeping and wailing for her dead husband that she rejected his baby who was right in front of her.

‘A powerful psychological thriller. Horrifying, relentless, masterful. Nothing will prepare you for the end.’
— Loraine Peck

A Good Winter is both a terrifying thriller and an intricate portrait of an obsessed and troubled mind. With great insight and empathy, Gigi Fenster demonstrates how the most monstrous obsessions begin with trauma and repression, and how broken hearts have the power to break lives apart. Complex, confronting, and utterly compelling. I couldn’t put it down.’
— Suzanne McCourt